Welcome to PRIMES

PRIMES aims to produce a novel e-learning platform, combining the wide reach and popularity of MOOCs with advanced artificial intelligence and data summarisation algorithms, to provide a truly personalised learning experience, fitted to the needs and characteristics of teenager (secondary school) students. To accomplish this, PRIMES brings together partners from several sectors (University, SME, secondary schools) and EU countries (UK, Greece, France, Netherlands). These partners will collaborate to produce high quality digitised learning content, to be delivered through the PRIMES platform in a manner that is tailored to the specific goals and needs of each individual student. PRIMES will further include pilot science, ICT and history courses, to be used, evaluated, and improved by students and teachers in the partnered schools.


University of Glasgow, UKHT2 Labs, UKVirtualTrip, GreeceLycée Emile Combes, FranceUdens College, Netherlands