PRIMES Deliverables

1.1Survey of tools, techniques, data structures and algorithms for personalisation and wide-scale delivery in use by current MOOCsUG6
1.2Preliminary version of student/course profile descriptor matricesUG9
1.3Preliminary version of personalised recommendation algorithmsUG18
1.4Final version of student/course profile descriptor matricesUG24
1.5Indexing and retrieval algorithms for student/course profile informationUG30
1.6Final version of personalised recommendation algorithmsUG36
2.1First version of PRIMES, including student/course profiles and material, as defined in D1.2VT18
2.2Second version of PRIMES, including student/course profiles, indexes and preliminary personalisation techniques, as defined in D1.3, D1.4 and D1.5VT30
2.3Final version of PRIMES, incorporating the results of D1.6, offered publically as a serviceVT36
3.1Survey of pedagogies/techniques in use in MOOCsLEC6
3.2First version of annotated course materialLEC12
3.3First pilot use of PRIMESLEC16
3.4Revisiting of pedagogies/techniques after pilot use of the first version of PRIMESLEC20
3.5Second version of annotated course materialLEC24
3.6Second pilot use of PRIMESLEC26
3.7Final version of annotated course materialLEC36
4.1Consortium agreementUG1
4.21st training/mobility reportUG6
4.31st year progress reportUG12
4.42nd training/mobility reportUG24
4.52nd year progress reportUG24
4.6Final training/mobility reportUG36
4.7Final project reportUG36
5.1Project logo and web site UG3
5.21st year publication/dissemination reportUG12
5.32nd year publication/dissemination reportUG24
5.4Final publication/dissemination reportUG36